Cameron’s Nightmare.

I’d like to share my love of art-referential political cartoons. I find that the political cartoon  can be far more scathing of our “leaders” than some of the shoddy text-based journalism that we are currently experiencing in the mainstream media.

The cartoons that reference fine art are, I find, particularly clever and satisfying and with the current crop of cartoonists that we are lucky to see today (Steve Bell, Martin Rowson, Dave Brown, Chris Riddell et al.) have the power to cut through the fog of political spin with this particular brand of editorial comment. When I have archived previous cartoons I found that I sometimes needed to precis the news article that it was referencing. Now I do this all the time.

So today I post Dave Brown’s re-intereptation of Henry Fusili’s “The Nightmare”  with an overview of the story it represents.

P.S. Brown often uses the Saturday edition of the Independent to ‘Misuse Masterpieces’ in his ‘Rogue’s Gallery’.

Saturday 30 August 2014. The Independent – Dave Brown/Henry Fusili.0830-cartoonProblems for Cameron as vocal backbencher, Douglas Carswell, defects from the Tory Party to UKIP, forcing an ill-timed by-election in Clacton. Carswell is depicted as the incubus sat on Cameron’s chest whilst a cigarette-smoking, UKIP leader Nigel Farage (as the horse’s head) looks on.



Henry Fusili, 1781 – Oil on Canvas, 101.6 cm × 127 cm, Detroit Institute of Arts, USA

Chris Walker.

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